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White paper: Towards a more sustainable industry with green hydrogen

Producing hydrogen via electrolysis could provide the foundation for a climate-neutral economy. As it stands, hydrogen is mainly used for different types of products in the chemical industry. In the future, however, it will also increasingly be used for high-temperature processes, such as steel production. These are the burning questions of the moment:

  • Why do we need new technology for hydrogen production?
  • What is hydrogen production in ‘island mode’?
  • What challenges do we face in terms of electrolysis?
  • How is KH Engineering addressing these challenges?

Have a look at our white paper ‘Towards a more sustainable industry with green hydrogen’ to see how we address these questions.

Meet the New Energy & Infrastructure group

Our white paper presents our New Energy & Infrastructure group, which is specifically tasked with projects related to decarbonisation, energy transition, and upcycling and recycling. KH Engineering has built up an impressive portfolio in energy transition projects in recent years, ranging from CO2 capture or heat coupling from industry to district heating. Always with the aim of supporting climate objectives.

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Energy-intensive manufacturing processes have a sizeable carbon footprint. By embracing a different way of producing, the process industry can have a huge, positive impact on the world. This is why various players in the industry have enthusiastically embarked on innovative decarbonisation projects. Download the white paper to find out more about how to make such innovative projects a success.

More and more governments – partly due to idealism, partly due to legal obligations – are proposing ambitious climate plans that are often focused on the terms ‘energy transition’ and ‘carbon neutral’. They also put forward ways to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. Read all the ins and outs in our white paper on electrolysis and the power of green hydrogen.

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