‘You have a lot of variety here and you can develop’

Peter Erkamp, Senior Design Engineer at KH Engineering

‘As a Senior Design Engineer, I design the civil part of projects. The nice thing is that there is a lot of variety in this at KH Engineering. One time you are working on an expansion of a pharmaceutical plant, the next you are contributing to the complete new construction of a tank terminal and from an electrical substation in the high-voltage network to an inland navigation jetty for a fuel terminal.’

‘During my architecture studies at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I ended up working at an architectural consultancy firm. I kept working there until I got the opportunity at KH Engineering in 2011 to work as a junior engineer in the CSA (Civil, Structural, Architectural) department. Here, I progressed to Senior Design Engineer and have now celebrated my tenth anniversary. That was great fun, we celebrated at the office with colleagues, cake and gifts.’

‘KH Engineering is a solid multidisciplinary engineering office. We often work with colleagues from many different disciplines on the same project. It is real teamwork. In recent years, I have carried out many different projects. For this, I work a lot with the computer, with programs such as Tekla Structures and Autodesk Navisworks. But I also regularly go on site visits to the client where I start working on the design. Before you start, you want to take a good look at the situation on site. Sometimes we do that with photos and drawings, nowadays additionally with 3D scans. Personally, I find completely new construction projects the most interesting and fun to do. When you literally start with an empty piece of land and then fit and draw everything onto it. From sewerage to electricity and from access road to foundations.’

‘In recent times, my work on a completely new tank terminal in the port of Rotterdam was a real highlight. The project was right up my street: greenfield – that means you really start from scratch – challenging and complex, but when you see the result it was all very worthwhile!’

‘From the fact that I have been working there for ten years, you can safely conclude that I like it here at KH Engineering. The cooperation with colleagues is nice, we take over each other’s work when you want to go on holiday, and we regularly have outside work activities. Moreover, you get the space to develop yourself; for example, last summer I took a course in Autodesk Revit to improve my skills in BIM technology (Building Information Modeling).’