‘You get excellent guidance at KH Engineering’

Nick Veraart, Senior Electrical Engineer

‘I have been working at KH Engineering since 2010. In fact, I started working for KH Engineering almost immediately after I finished my studies in Electrical Engineering at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. First for a year through a secondment agency, then I got a permanent contract.’

‘I started as a junior electrical engineer. I received very intensive support. I am very happy with that. In the beginning, they really took me by the hand and little by little I was allowed to do more and more myself. That was an excellent learning experience.’

‘I am now a senior electrical engineer. That means that I work with “everything that has an electrical wire attached to it”, as I sometimes explain it to outsiders. I take care of short-circuit calculations, cable calculations, lighting calculations, earthing calculations, actually the total package in the field of electrical engineering. But it starts with frequent and good consultation with your clients. You have to find out exactly what they want and what will benefit them most. What exactly do they expect in terms of electricity? Where are we going to get the power? I have to find an answer to questions like that.’

‘The energy transition and the increasing electrification of industry and other businesses are making our work increasingly complex. To put it simply, in the beginning we only had a few motors and lights, now we are working on complex substations and with increasingly higher voltages. This also involves increasingly complex calculations. For example, I recently worked on a data centre with voltages of up to 150 kV, and we have even done projects with 380 kV, which really puts us at the top of the energy network.’

‘So in my department I work on a new data centre, for example, but also on the expansion of a chemical company or a tank storage company. I am proud of my department, we are there for each other and take each other into account. Our manager watches over “his” department like a father; you can always call him if you have a problem. Even for private matters that affect work. And, not to forget, at the end of the year he always organises a “Surinamese evening” with all sorts of delicacies. We also help each other out, for example, when it’s necessary to get things done for our customers neatly and on time. There is a lot of solidarity.’

‘In terms of development, a lot is possible at KH Engineering. You do have to bring it up yourself. For example, I have taken courses and training in order to keep up with the latest developments in my field. And I want to develop myself further in the field of high voltage. Subject to approval from the management, anything you want is possible. A friend of mine, for instance, came here as a box carpenter – he used to work for an industrial packaging company – and now functions completely as an electrical designer.’