‘I really feel at home at KH Engineering’

Sweta Kumari, Electrical Engineer at KH Engineering:

‘After my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in Manipal (India), I came to TU Delft for my master’s degree. I would like to become a high-voltage specialist and TU Delft has a world-famous high-voltage lab. As part of my graduation, I did research there for a year. Even during my studies, I had an interview at KH Engineering and after my graduation in 2018, I started working there almost immediately.’

‘I think everything is arranged very well at KH Engineering. You get an excellent familiarisation programme and a coach who guides you in your development. All my colleagues are very nice and helpful and my manager is great. He always puts the personal well-being of the employees first and always asks how you are doing. For me, a residence and work permit was important and the company helped me with that. And my colleagues helped me to learn the language. The working atmosphere is nice, we tease each other sometimes and laugh a lot. I also like the fact that there is a good mix of young and very experienced people.’

‘As an Electrical Engineer, I work on a wide variety of projects. Sometimes I help design a low-voltage substation for a chemical plant, other times I help design a 150kV substation for a new data centre. I do all kinds of electrical engineering work for these projects. I work on a connection diagram, for example, or make cable calculations, or I design the safety devices. I also maintain contacts with suppliers and take care of the necessary documentation.’

‘What I like about working for KH Engineering is that you are really working in the engineering field. Because of the good relationship with my colleagues, I learn something new every day. And I enjoy visiting sites to see what I have designed myself. I am very proud of my department; I think we really belong to the top in electrical engineering. Moreover, we do socially relevant work; we are working on the electrification of Belgium and the Netherlands and helping to solve bottlenecks in the high-voltage grid.’

‘I really feel at home at KH Engineering. And I am now putting my plan to become a high-voltage specialist into practice. My original motivation for electrical engineering came from the desire to improve the electricity supply in my Indian hometown. I am now helping with major electrification projects. Not in India, of course, but I’m certainly proud of what I do!’