‘At KH Engineering I get a lot of room for career growth’

Marija Mojic, Senior Design Engineer Piping

‘After studying mechanical engineering at the University of Belgrade, I soon found myself working for a Serbian engineering firm that collaborated with KH Engineering. In 2014, KH Engineering took over the firm. A year later I came to the office in Schiedam for a project in the Netherlands. I fell in love with the Netherlands and have stayed ever since, with a short break. I recently passed my integration exams and hope to soon become officially Dutch.’

‘I soon felt completely at home here. KH Engineering is like family to me. When I had only been in the Netherlands for a few months, my mother died suddenly and during that time, many colleagues supported me when I was having difficulties. They did not ask me how the work was going, but how I was doing and that made me feel good. Moreover, the colleagues help each other at work and we laugh a lot together. Especially when the pressure is high during a project, it’s good to inject some humour. Sometimes I really have a belly ache from laughing and then it’s back to work again.’

‘I am very proud of the first project I carried out for KH Engineering in the Netherlands. For me, it started as an assignment where I immediately felt that the design could be better. When both my lead engineer and project manager were on holiday, I had three weeks to bring my own ideas to bear on the project. With success: everyone was very happy with my design and it saved a lot of material and time. So the client was also very happy.’

‘This example typifies me. I am quite ambitious. My projects are like babies to me; I make sure that everything runs like clockwork and I’m on top of everything. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak. Moreover, I want to grow. I am now following a training for the position of Lead Engineer. At KH Engineering, I have plenty of room to grow in my career. I think it is important to have good prospects.’

‘My working day is very varied, but it always starts with coffee, haha. Then I check whether there are any urgent e-mails. I make a schedule with my colleagues and get to work. That can be computer drawing, modelling, checking documents, making isometric drawings and much more. I am often in consultation with team members or with clients. For them, we design the most efficient solution for the challenge they face. Be it new construction, renovation or expansion. We do basic engineering, build a 3D model and then generate the 2D drawings with which the client can proceed. In recent years, I have carried out very different interesting projects: for a tank storage company, a refinery and various petrochemical companies. Not a single day is boring.’

‘The great thing about my job is that you create something from nothing. When the boiler feed water project was commissioned, for example, I attended the opening. The installation worked perfectly in one go and I was very proud of my contribution to that. You see, I like working at KH Engineering!’