Safety & Compliance

Once your project is complete, you want your installation to remain in operation in a sustainable and safe manner. Safe production and safe operation of installations and buildings are important and considered basic requirements. KH Engineering provides you  with clear and transparent advice on improvements to maintain the licence-to-operate of your installations.

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Twan van den Broek
| Discipline manager HSSE

Donald Roels
| Energy consultant

Safety & Compliance

Looking toward the future

Authorities and society continuously adjust their requirements for installations, processes, working conditions and the traceability of products. This includes general legislation and specific requirements for a particular sector or region. Proper and efficient investment in the field of compliance gives your company the opportunity to revalidate business operations, work processes and protocols. Compliance with laws and regulations is the basic minimum but exceeding these requirements may offer additional benefits. KH Engineering can support you in all possible safety & compliance issues and can organise them into a complete programme, making use of your own knowledge and experience.

Working on a plan
We develop a customised plan for you to tackle your issue in the correct manner.This can be a multi-year plan in which various themes are followed up, reported and implemented. The first step in this process is to take stock of the gap between the current and desired situation.

We select the required additional services depending on your organisation’s wishes.
Where appropriate, this is done in consultation with your HSE department, project organisation or operations. We advise you on making the right choices in terms of processes and systems to make your business operations future-proof.


The first step in managing (process) risks is assessing those risks. Depending on your needs, this can take the form of, for example, carrying out a process safety study such as a HAZOP, LOPA or SIL, assessing the explosion hazard in the context of ATEX, or carrying out a gap analysis in relation to the best available technique, such as PGS 29. Following-up on improvement proposals from these studies can lead to an installation that is safer, easier to operate and compliant with all requirements.

To help improve  installations and operations, KH Engineering can advise you on how to integrate this into existing business processes and your safety management system.


KH Engineering’s efforts contribute to the following results:

  • A safe installation with consideration for people and the environment (people-planet-profit)
  • A future-proof installation and organisation
  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Maintain your licence to operate
Curious about the opportunity’s KH Engineering can offer you or would you like to have more information about Safety & Compliance? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
‘I am responsible for sustainable and safe installations with consideration for people and the environment’

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