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Future-proof portfolio for Tank Terminal through expansion with Hydrogen


A large tank terminal in the Amsterdam harbour area wants to diversify its product portfolio. Until now, the majority of loading and unloading has been based on fossil fuels. They want to change this and therefore have partnered with a technology developer who makes hydrogen carriers.

At their site, the tank terminal intends to use part of the area to produce hydrogen and – with the help of the external technology supplier – to ‘package’ it into a hydrogen carrier. To investigate the feasibility of this project, the terminal engaged KH Engineering.


KH Engineering conducted a FEL 1 and a FEL 2 study. In doing so, we assessed not only the feasibility and possibilities but also ensured a realistic design. A particularity in this was that the amount of green energy (derived from wind energy) to be used was known.

Based on that amount of energy, we designed the installation. This involved several chemical steps: the production of hydrogen by electrolysis, the chemical reaction, phase separation, and subsequently we had to consider how much energy the installation would use compared to the output: the hydrogen production.

Customer benefit

Once the client, after the engineering phase, has built the installation, there is a significant expansion of their portfolio realised. This reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and contributes to a more future-proof business operation. The external technology supplier has a working example of their newly developed technology. This proves that ‘their’ technology works.

Advantage of working with KH Engineering

Within this project, many different technologies and associated expertises came together. To translate this into feasibility on an industrial scale, the over seventy years of technological expertise of KH Engineering was very beneficial.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering performed the following activities for this project:

  • FEL 1 feasibility study
  • Design process diagram with various scenarios
  • Plot study
  • FEL 2 study
  • Cost estimation (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Safety studies (Hazard Identification Workshop)

Project Manager: Kees van den Hoek

Read more about the application of hydrogen in our whitepaper or contact our colleagues from New Energy & Infrastructure.

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