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Replacement fuels loading station for Koole Terminals


Koole is an independent international storage and transport company specialising in various types of oil, fuels, fats and chemicals. In order to keep their business going and expand, Koole is replacing the loading station for tanker trucks at its Minerals Terminal in Rotterdam-Pernis. This loading station loads tanker trucks come and go 24/7, loaded with a specific fuel mixtures according to pre-agreed specifications. These tank trucks in turn supply one of the many petrol stations in the Netherlands. The new loading station consists of various components: in this case, seven fully equipped loading streets with up to five loading arms per lane and the option of providing the products with various additives.

At the same time, Koole has included space for three additional loading streets to be ready for future expansion. Koole was looking for a partner who could not only provide a reliable cost estimate, but could also take care of the engineering and part of the purchasing.


KH Engineering has a long-standing relationship with Koole. In the course of time, both companies have grown together in their professional development. Koole has developed from a family business to an international player with external investors and now uses a project management structure that fits in well with the working method of KH Engineering.

This makes it possible to respond quickly to the wishes of the client, something which Koole also considers very important. KH Engineering started with the cost estimate to an accuracy of thirty percent, at the same time as the basic engineering. The detailed engineering phase was followed by a budget estimation to ten percent. Then came the order for part of the procurement services for the construction work.

During the construction phase, KH Engineering provided the technical and financial assessment of changes to civil engineering and piping/mechanical works and the migration plan, so that the transfer of loads from the current loading station to the new loading station went as smoothly as possible. KH Engineering ensured that Koole now has greater operational reliability and flexibility after commissioning.


The company is also prepared for the future with the ability to expand. In addition, more processes are automated and the number of vehicle movements has been reduced by 50% thanks to a well thought-out design.

Client benefits

Thanks to the long-standing relationship between Koole and KH Engineering, the people from both companies know each other well. The no-nonsense approach of KH Engineering remains a good match for Koole, as does the increasingly professional project management. Moreover, the customer rightly expects KH Engineering to provide unsolicited advice on the right course of action. Koole can lean heavily on KH Engineering when it comes to multidisciplinary engineering and benefits from our years of experience. KH Engineering worked in a robust project structure, while maintaining speed and flexibility. As a result, the project progressed smoothly and a speedy delivery was achieved.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering performed the following activities for this project:

  • Studies
  • Cost estimate
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Procurement services
  • Construction support

Project leader: Jaap Nagtegaal | Budget expert: Eric Swart

For more information: Koole Terminals – Storage | Handling | Shipping.

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