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Pilot Factory for Low-Cost Production of Green Hydrogen


A start-up technology company is working on a system that can produce hydrogen when electricity prices are low and sell electricity when prices are high. As a result, the company produces the cheapest possible green hydrogen per kilogram.

They are developing the electrolysis equipment and wanted to develop a pilot site to prove the concept and scale up the technology from 1 MW to hundreds of megawatts. However, more is needed than just the electrolysis equipment: a complete factory needs to be built around it.


KH Engineering has helped the company develop the concept for the factory so they can focus on their own technology, while KH Engineering takes care of everything else. How much space is needed with increasing capacities? What buildings need to be constructed? KH Engineering provides the complete layout of the factory site.

Additionally, thanks to their extensive expertise in this field, KH Engineering takes responsibility for all technical safety aspects related to working with hydrogen, as well as the design of the process and piping. Furthermore, KH Engineering is responsible for designing the utilities, infrastructure, foundation, integration of tanks, and more. Several projects are currently underway, and there is a collaboration for all engineering activities.

Customer benefit

The first demo plant of 1 MW is currently under development in Rotterdam. This enables the company to demonstrate the business case of the concept: that green hydrogen can only be truly low-cost if the electricity price is low or even negative. This makes the technology competitive and can become an efficient, serious, and sustainable alternative to other energy sources. Depending on the location, our client expects the demo plant to be operational by 2025.

Advantage of working with KH Engineering

KH Engineering has the required expertise to build complete factories, creating a strong synergy between both organisations. Immediately after their request for assistance, KH Engineering organised a workshop for the client, where they could meet the KH Engineering team and inquire about their knowledge. This quickly convinced them to work with KH Engineering. Additionally, communication lines are short, allowing KH Engineering to respond quickly to queries from this client.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering carries out the following activities for this project:

  • Site development
  • Integration of the equipment with the necessary equipment
  • Equipment sizing
  • Infrastructure
  • Structural engineering
  • Guidance through the permitting process
  • Selection of a contractor
  • Procurement on behalf of the client
  • 3D design

Project Manager: Serdar Erdag

For more information, please contact our colleagues from the New Energy & Infrastructure group.

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