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Safety & Compliance

Management system for Brzo plant Sekisui S-Lec


In Roermond, Sekisui S-Lec produces PVB foil. This film is used in laminated glass, which can be found in car windows and buildings such as airports. The film has a thickness of less than 1 millimetre. The raw material for the foil, PVB powder, is produced by Sekisui S-Lec at its Chemelot site. Because the company is expanding production there, this plant will soon fall under the Major Accident Hazards Decree 2015 (Brzo 2015). That decree will then apply to both existing and new installations. This change has consequences for the management system. The company approached KH Engineering to adapt the management system.


KH Engineering began with an inventory and an assessment of the existing management system of Sekisui S-Lec, on the basis of the new legal requirements. To improve the management of the documents from this system, we recommended a software application that automates this process.
We assessed the content of various procedures, for example, with regard to the guaranteed implementation of changes. We then made suggestions for improvements. We also provided input for drawing up the Major Accident Prevention Policy (a so-called Pbzo document).
During the first Brzo inspection conducted by the government, the consultant from KH Engineering was present on site to advise Sekisui S-Lec on the steps to take. We reviewed and completed the safety report that Sekisui S-Lec had to submit to the regulators, ensuring that it met all requirements. The KH advisor remains available on call to answer questions about Brzo 2015 or the hazardous substances publication series (PGS 29), or to advise on other compliance matters.

Advantage for the client

KH Engineering has a thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to Brzo companies and extensive experience with the requirements and wishes of supervisory bodies. Therefore, we were able to provide Sekisui S-Lec with the right advice to help demonstrate that it meets the legal requirements and, if desired, to draw up and implement concrete improvement plans. Due to the ongoing involvement of the consultant, we immediately follow up on any new issues.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering carried out the following activities for this project:

  • Identification of applicable laws and regulations
  • Inventory of completeness of the management system
  • Assessment of procedures and drafting improvement proposals
  • Supervision of government inspection
  • Consultation with supervisors
  • Keep safety report up to date
  • Advice on demand

Projectleader: Twan van den Broek

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