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Greenfield HES Hartel Tank Terminal


HES International B.V. in Rotterdam is a private holding company of leading independent service providers in ports throughout Europe. The company has two main cornerstones: dry and wet bulk. The development plan for the Hartelstrook location in Rotterdam offers space for the development of a bulk terminal. Within HES International B.V. there is a need for further development in the field of wet bulk. The Hartelstrook location lends itself perfectly to a new terminal due to its perfect nautical outcrop and a direct connection to the open sea for faster handling of logistics activities.


The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s vision is to make the best possible use of the available space within the existing port area. HES International B.V.’s business case concerns the development of a new tank terminal for the storage and transshipment of oil products and biofuels. The location of the tank terminal is planned on the Hartelstrook, which is located on the south side of the Mississippi dock on Maasvlakte 1.

BP, the internationally operating energy company and owner of a large refinery in Rotterdam, is committed to the project, which includes plans for pipeline connections between the refinery and the terminal. Fifty-two tanks with a storage capacity of approximately 1.3 million m3 are to be built on the 27-hectare site.


HES approached KH Engineering in 2017 for the value engineering of the existing design. Value engineering looks at the minimum investment required to fulfil the needs and functionality of the project.


Several sessions were held with the client which resulted in an intitial that will serve as the basis for the next phase of the project. Based on this report, the client can determine whether the project can achieve the desired objectives. The existing estimate was revised and approved following the value engineering. The value engineering was delivered in March 2018.

After completion of the value engineering, we received the assignment for basic engineering. This meant that we were able to make a complete package for the client, which would be used for starting the construction of the terminal. The technical design process is defined in the basic engineering phase. This includes all areas from process to procurement and all technical specialities. Starting with the PFD (Process Flow Diagram), it is then converted into PI&Ds (details) including Safety Integrity, such as HAZOP and SIL. The design also takes into account the DCMR comprehensive environmental permit. The estimate was also adjusted, increasing its accuracy.

Projectleader: Ron de Zeeuw

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