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Greenfield HES Hartel Tank Terminal


HES International B.V. in Rotterdam is a private holding of leading independent port service providers across Europe. The company has two key pillars: dry and liquid bulk. The zoning plan for the Hartelstrook in Rotterdam provides space for the development of a bulk terminal. The location on the Hartelstrook is excellently suited for a new terminal, thanks to its perfect nautical access, with a direct connection to the open sea for faster handling of logistic activities.


Within HES International B.V., there is a need for more development in the area of liquid bulk. The greenfield project of HES International B.V. includes the development and commissioning of a new tank terminal for the storage and transshipment of oil products and biofuels. The location of the tank terminal is planned on the Hartelstrook, on the south side of the Mississippi Harbour at Maasvlakte 1. On the 27-hectare site, 52 tanks with a storage capacity of approximately 1.3 million m³ will be realised.

The internationally operating energy concern BP – owner of a large refinery in Rotterdam – has committed to the project, including plans for pipeline connections between this refinery and the terminal.


In 2017, KH Engineering started a value engineering on the existing design. In value engineering, various functionalities are tested in the design and the project objectives, including budget and schedule, are assessed.

Together with the client, the existing estimate was revised and approved after the value engineering. In March 2018, the value engineering was completed, including a report with various findings and recommendations.


Following the completion of the value engineering, the contract for the basic engineering was awarded to KH Engineering. This means that we create a complete technical design for the client, establishing all the principles. This design is suitable for starting the detailed engineering and construction. The design took into account the DCMR environmental permit. The basic engineering was completed in December 2018.

In 2019, KH Engineering started the detailed engineering to be able to tender the project in the market, particularly for civil and mechanical engineering works. In 2021, the project was delivered to the client concerning the civil, structural and piping detailed engineering.

Customer benefit

With KH Engineering as a local company, the client has a service provider that can continue to support in all project phases and is able to adapt to the business case and the client’s strategy regarding tendering in the international market.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering performed the following activities for this project: 

  • Concept engineering
  • Basic engineering
  • Cost estimates
  • Detailed engineering


Project Manager: Ronald Zevenbergen

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