Safety & Compliance 

EPCM project – piggable pipelines


An appreciated client distributes its products to users via pipelines. The company is the owner of the pipelines in the Netherlands and Belgium. For integrity and authorised supervision purposes, pipelines must be piggable (possible to inspect). The client’s inquiry concerned whether it was possible to inspect the pipelines while in operation. In the existing situation, the pipelines could be inspected, but only if they were taken out of operation.


KH Engineering created a new basic engineering package for the client, which was based on an existing package supplied by a specialised company. Part of the basic engineering involved defining the scope such as process studies, hydraulic calculations, determining the pipeline route and the amount of materials, the construction plan and all aspects influencing the costs. In addition, the client requested a cost estimate to provide the organisation with its investment budget.

After approval of the client’s budget, KH Engineering carried out the detailed engineering. Based on basic engineering, our procurement department then purchased the materials. The project team subsequently selected a contractor for the execution of the work, prepared the engineering documents for contractors and supplied authority packages for Notified Bodies (NOBOs). As part of the contract, we carried out the construction management for the project, whereby we managed the contractors on behalf of the client. This also involved taking care of the permit process, drawing up a Health & Safety plan and undertaking the daily management on the construction site until handover.

Benefits to the client

We carried out this multidisciplinary assignment in-house in collaboration with the HSSE, Process, Piping, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Procurement and Project Services departments. Special issues taken into account in the project were Belgian law and regulations, as well as the large number of stakeholders and the supervision of the drilling for the pipeline.

Within the project, the client appreciated our flexibility, the personal attention, the availability of the competencies and colleagues, and the commitment of the construction team.

Projectleider: Marco Blokland

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