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Engineering for HVC’s ‘geothermal plants’


Most people know HVC as a waste-to-energy plant or waste company. However, the fact that HVC is also active in generating renewable energy from green gas, solar parks and geothermal energy is much less known. In the Westland region, the soil is extremely suitable for utilising geothermal energy, or geothermal heat.

HVC is now working on its third geothermal plant in this region, mainly intended for greenhouse horticulture. HVC asked KH Engineering to provide the basic engineering of the process installation of their ‘geothermal plants’.


Technically, geothermal energy can be divided into three pillars. The first is the actual drilling of a kilometre-deep pit. The second is the ‘heat factory’, the process installation. Here, the hot water is converted into usable heat. And the third pillar is the heat network. This allows you to transport the generated heat via pipelines to where you need it. KH Engineering has mainly focused on the second pillar.

Customer benefit

With the geothermal plants, HVC can ensure more sustainable horticulture in the Westland region. Horticulturists need to use gas less often. Instead, they cultivate using sustainable heat from the ground.

Advantage of working with KH Engineering

Geothermal energy is still a young technology in the Netherlands, which is under enforcement by the State Supervision of Mines. They pay close attention to ensuring that this new branch is handled in a professional manner, including all safety aspects that apply.


KH Engineering has solid experience in the base industry, where the strictest rules apply, and can, for instance, carry out HAZOPs and take into account ATEX zoning standards. In addition, with thorough documentation of all design steps in the engineering process, KH Engineering ensures compliance with all regulations.

When constructing a geothermal plant, you only know what the actual situation is after drilling and testing. The results affect the design of the installation. You always have to bear in mind that the installation will look slightly different than previously thought. That requires flexibility. KH Engineering combines that with a thoughtful, professional and pragmatic approach. And with additional advice, for example on materials to choose for pipes and gaskets.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering performed the following activities for this project:

  • Basic engineering
  • Material selection studies
  • HAZOP studies
  • ATEX studies
  • SIL studies

Project Manager: Martin van Werven

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