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Energy saving obligation: research for various large industrial companies


Since 2023, the Energy Saving Obligation has been in effect. This obligation applies to locations of companies and institutions that use from 50,000 kWh of electricity or 25,000 m3 of natural gas (equivalent) per year. These companies are required to implement all energy-saving measures with a payback period of five years or less. In addition, larger companies have not only a duty to inform but also a research duty and often an audit duty for the EED: the European Directive on Energy Efficiency (EED). All these duties demand considerable research. But how can you be sure that you meet your obligations and what if you lack the manpower for it?


In the past year, three companies with a total of four large production locations chose KH Engineering for this area. Our experts created a report with all the necessary information based on the information provided. When a company has an ISO 50001 or a combination of ISO 14001 and 14051, a less extensive reporting duty applies. If this is not the case, KH Engineering can demonstrate the efforts for energy saving and CO2 reduction on behalf of the company using the Recognised Measures List (EML).

A mandatory annex to the report must further contain a number of elements: description of energy use, analysis of energy use and CO2 emissions, analysis of the drive systems and an insulation scan. KH Engineering also professionally took over this work for the customers. Moreover, in a subsequent stage, our sister company Smart AIS is able to assist the respective companies with their inspections, particularly for the insulation scan.

Customer benefit

The investigated companies were able to suffice with providing the information requested by KH Engineering. KH Engineering took care of the rest of the work for the Energy Saving Obligation. Moreover, KH Engineering conducted a very thorough investigation and provided a complete report. This positively distinguishes the companies in the eyes of the environmental services, which will evaluate the reports in the coming months. The reporting must be redone every four years. In the meantime, the companies can implement the energy-saving points identified by KH Engineering.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering performs the following tasks for these projects:

  • Recognised Measures List (EML)
  • Insulation scan
  • Analysis of the drive systems
  • Complete reporting to the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) and the respective environmental service
  • Relevant cost-benefit analyses to determine the payback period

Project Manager: Jos Sentjens

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