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New demo plant for sustainable methanol production


The shared ambition of the industry in Antwerp is to produce climate-neutral by 2050. Methanol production can potentially play an important role here. This feedstock is often used in the chemical industry in this region, but is currently still produced from fossil raw materials.

To achieve the climate goals of the industry in Antwerp, Power to Methanol Antwerp was initiated. This consortium consists of seven parties: ENGIE, Antwerp Port Authority, Fluxys, Indaver, INOVYN, Advario and the Flemish Environmental Holding Company.

They are joining forces to build a demo plant at the INOVYN site in Lillo. This plant will produce sustainable methanol using green electricity for a test period of 10 years.


As the demo plant will be built on INOVYN’s site, it will also use certain facilities from the INOVYN plant, such as cooling water and steam. KH Engineering is responsible for the complete engineering of these connections, some main components of the plant (including a new hydrogen compressor, methanol storage and loading) and the interconnections between the other main components of the new demo plant. Think of carbon dioxide storage, an electrolysis unit, a methanol reactor, a methanol distillation unit and a waste gas treatment unit.

The concept phase and basic engineering have already been completed; in the next phase, KH Engineering will also be responsible for the detailed engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm).

Several parties are involved in this project, for the reactor design, the electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen, and the supply of CO2, among other things. As this is a project for a demo plant, the CO2 will be supplied in storage vessels by a specialised company. Future plans also include capturing CO2 using other methods.

Customer benefit

KH Engineering and INOVYN already worked together in the past. Because of this successful collaboration, the consortium contracted KH Engineering for Power to Methanol Antwerp. After a successful completion of the concept phase and the basic engineering, the EPCm was also awarded directly to KH Engineering, without bringing this request to market.

In addition, KH Engineering supervises the collaboration with the other parties: combining their input in making cost estimates, providing the integral engineering of both the ISBL and OSBL parts and integrating the systems designed by the individual suppliers.

This overarching quality assurance is not only applied in the detailed design, but also continues once KH Engineering physically starts assembling everything. In this phase KH Engineering has final responsibility, although in close consultation with the parties involved.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering performed the following activities for this project:

  • Concept engineering (FEL 2)
  • Basic engineering (FEL 3)
  • Cost estimates

Next steps:

  • Detailed engineering
  • Procurement services
  • Construction management

Project leader: Teus Walpot

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