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Climate-neutral sweets for Matthijs


In Hoogerheide, Brabant, the family business Matthijs (established in 1920) produces various kinds of sweets. Among others, liquorice, wine gums and tumtums are distributed from there to the shelves in stores. Like many other companies, the business aims to move away from natural gas in the long term and is already preparing for this. But how do you approach this? This is where the expertise of KH Engineering is invaluable.


The engineers at KH Engineering started with a thorough study into the possibilities for Matthijs to move away from gas. This included examining the profile of the heat demand, the possibilities for electrification of processes and how these could be integrated into the current production process. Moreover, KH Engineering, together with partner Venntiv, secured a TSE subsidy for this research.

The solution is moving towards replacing the current steam boiler, which generates a large amount of heat at once, with a more detailed electric heating solution. This solution achieves the correct temperature for each part of the process through electric heat pumps.

​​Customer benefit

By heating in phases with – for now – the steam boiler as a backup, Matthijs can start producing climate-neutral sweets in the near future. This not only saves energy but also reduces costs. In addition, it contributes to positive image of Matthijs as a sweet manufacturer with sustainable ambitions.

Advantage of working with KH Engineering

‘The collaboration with KH Engineering is very pleasant’, says CEO Nick Matthijs. ‘They are always accessible and provide excellent support. For us, they are truly a valuable sparring partner. We employ quite a few technical people, but changing your energy supply while wanting to keep your production the same is really a specialty for which we need KH Engineering. They guide us step by step to the right and sustainable solution.’

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering is performing the following activities for this project:

  • FEL studies
  • Development of a step-by-step plan
  • Investment estimation
  • Selection of technical concept (heat pumps and their integration)
  • Inventory of residual heat use
  • Basic engineering
  • Supervision of subsidy application

Project Manager: Donald Roels

For more information about Matthijs: https://matthijs.nl/en

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