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Boiler Feed Water project


At one of our customers in Rotterdam Botlek, basic services such as boiler feed water (BFW) are produced for various customers. The BFW system had reached the end of its technical lifespan, causing too much downtime of the dependent installations and therefore needed to be renewed. KH Engineering provided the engineering work, including instrumentation, electrical engineering, civil works, piping and project management.


First of all, the equipment had to be replaced: six pumps, the process water tank and the degasser. In addition, a new caustic soda dosing installation and a test installation were required to control and monitor the water quality. Because existing systems remained in operation, KH Engineering provided a temporary storage tank of 120 m3 that was connected to the existing installation with flexible hoses. The existing installation was digitalized via a scan and the 3D model was then made available to all parties involved. Because the new tank differs from the old one and the new pumps are larger, the foundation had to be adapted. This posed two major challenges. Firstly, the limited space available in between the piperacks to install the three-story installation, measuring approximately 20x20x15 metres (lxwxh). Secondly, due to the short lead time, the civil works had to be started and put on the market before the piping design was finalised.

The work on the steel building was started by the contractor during the engineering phase of KH Engineering. A large part of the building was delivered prefabricated by the selected contractor and assembled on site. 


Thanks to good coordination with the client’s specialists, all subsequent changes could be implemented flawlessly and the installation was started up on schedule.

Advantage for the customer

With the new BFW plant, the security of good-quality boiler feed water is guaranteed for another 15 years or so and the system’s sensitivity to maintenance is minimised. The reliability of supply to the clients’ customers has also increased as a result of this intervention. In addition, partnership between the client’s specialists and KH Engineering has been intensified.

Activities of KH Engineering

KH Engineering carried out the following work for this project:

  • Detail Engineering in BrownField environment

  • New steel building

  • Process and Piping Design

  • RFQ and RFC and packages for contractors (Civil, E&I, Piping)

  • Project management and control

  • HSSE

Projectleider:  Serdar Erdag

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