Industry faces a major challenge. Emissions must be rapidly reduced and all production must be climate-neutral by 2050. At the same time, the price of energy and raw materials is rising and a CO2 tax leads to higher production costs.

So things must be done differently. But how can you best achieve sustainability without forcing factories to close? The New Energy & Infrastructure group within KH Engineering advises on how to change technical processes to save energy, reduce emissions and produce profitably in a demanding social environment.

Kees Vonk
 | Commercial Manager

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Energy-intensive manufacturing processes create a substantial carbon footprint. By embracing a different way of producing, the process industry can have a gigantic positive impact on the world. This is why various players in the industry have enthusiastically embarked on innovative decarbonisation projects. In this white paper, you will read how to make such innovative projects a success.

More and more governments, partly due to idealism and partly due to legal obligations, are proposing ambitious climate plans in which the words ‘energy transition’ and ‘carbon neutral’ appear frequently and fossil fuels are to be replaced by renewable energy sources. Read all the ins and outs in our white paper on electrolysis and the power of green hydrogen.

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Four elements are central to our approach:


Your situation and production process are the basis for everything we do. Our engineers combine curiosity with thorough practical knowledge.


From micrograms in a lab to tons produced in the factory, we make sure the solution works for you and is scalable.


We create a budget that evolves from rough estimate to accurate cost estimate in a short period of time.


We always include the post-implementation phase of the project. We provide adequate utilities and other supporting processes. And we make a plan for incorporating the new facility into your asset management structure.


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New energy Engels

Our engineers help industrial clients to achieve their climate goals. We develop solutions for saving energy, switching to renewable fuels and raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions and making new products based on recycling. In recent years, we advised on (large) projects in the field of CO2 capture, heat recovery and converting waste into new raw materials.

In doing so, we work with the latest technologies and excel at integrating new solutions into existing installations. We help clients in a pragmatic and transparent way to make their technical business processes more sustainable.

Scroll over the New Energy graphic for more information by cluster. Or contact us to bring your project to a structured, step-by-step conclusion together with all the parties involved!

New energy Engels
Biobased Economy Circular Economy (Renewable) Energy Infrastructuur Elektrificatie, Waterstof... Algemeen en strategisch

Biobased Economy

Biobased Economy
Biorefinery, value chains, bio-to-X, drop-in-chemicals
In the bio-sector there are numerous challenges to make the economy more sustainable, from implementing bio raw materials to bioproducts.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy
Separation, treatment, plastics, metals, waste-to-X
While recycling has been a common good for the past decades, new regulations favor intensive separation from materials to raw materials.

(Renewable) Energy

Renewable Energy
Energy sources, energy performance, electrification, hydrogen, CC(U)S, power-to-X, storage/peak shaving
Changing your energy source or avoiding CO2 emissions can be cumbersome, in this cluster we deal with all sorts of energy sources and carriers with the newest technologies.


Electricity & power, heating networks, energy distribution, powering hubs grid
A challenging subject is providing sufficient infrastructure for all the renewable energy projects with different sources and integrations.

Elektrificatie, Waterstof...

Hydrogen, CC(U)S, power-to-X, storage/peak shaving
Hydrogen can be produced sustainably with green energy through electrolysis. This without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere, making this process the basis for a carbon-neutral economy. As a result of the energy transition and further development of renewable energy, electrolysis and green hydrogen production are gaining importance.

Algemeen en strategisch

General and Strategic
Laws, regulations, subsidies, masterplan/roadmap, energy scan
While the energy transition seems technology driven, first the legislation, financing and roadmaps have to be designed.


Support our clients in achieving their strategic climate goals by being a reliable and transparent partner. As an engineering company, we help our clients by taking care of waste, producing renewable and green energy, and improving and reducing utility consumption. Our services therefore most closely align with SDGs 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13.

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