Masters in Engineering

As an engineering firm, we create safe and pragmatic designs for every project. Our services range from consultancy to realisation. We respect and enhance the project objectives. The feasibility of your project is our priority. Our professionals have the expertise and the consulting services required to cover all technical aspects of your request. We meet your demands in a transparent and predictable manner. Each project has its specific challenges for which we can provide the right team to cooperate with the client. This is how we create a dynamic environment for optimisation and integration. We are your engineering firm for a successful and long-term partnership.

New business

‘I see an opportunity and am looking for supporting evidence for my business case’

Safety & Compliance

‘I am responsible for sustainable and safe installations with consideration for people and the environment’


‘I want to extend and optimise the lifespan of my assets at a reasonable operational cost’

A pragmatic and unique project approach

Short business decision times require a quick response and proactivity. We are organised and decisive in our ideas and actions. Clients appreciate our pragmatic approach. This practical approach is the basis of our services and is the key to success in the continuity of your project.

We are experienced in delivering services for maintenance-driven projects to larger investment projects, especially where safety from start to finish is key. Whether it concerns new business, safety & compliance or lifetime issues, we provide experience, knowledge and capability in all these areas.

Pharma benchmark

Our projects

EPCM – KOH production project

To strengthen its market position, chemical production company INOVYN drew up a new business case for replacing caustic soda (NaOH) with potassium hydroxide (KOH) as a by-product of chlorine production.

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EPCM – piggable pipelines

One of our clients distributes products to users via pipelines. The company is the owner of the pipelines in the Netherlands and Belgium. The project was creating piggable pipelines.

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P11 Topside Standard Satellite

An innovative and new platform concept for economically developing two marginal fields. From the oil platform, sustainable energy is generated by a unique combination of windmills and solar panels and stored in batteries.

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