iSafety provides a broad spectrum of safety services in various industrial environments. Our SHE experts have extensive practical experiences to implement your safety targets.

iSafety provides tailor-made safety packages and safety programs for improving safety and safety awareness within our clients' organizations.

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iSafety Seveso II

Is your company a new or existing Seveso company?
The Seveso II directive (96/82/EC) aims to improve the internal and external safety of companies that handle large quantities of industrial chemicals.

We accompany your company to continuously check the compliance with the updated legislation.

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Compliance with ATEX

Every company that works with flammable gases, liquids and/or powders is exposed to an explosion risk. An explosion could pose a great threat to your employees and could result in catastropic economic damage.
Have you checked your explosion safety recently?

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iSafety Facility Siting

The implementation of a facility siting program is a major decision topic. Such a program needs the right balance between the future operation philosophy and the capital investments already materialized.

As Low As Reasonable Achievable delivers the standard and KH will bring the expertise to your operations.

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iSafety Environmental Permit

The environmental image of a company is a precious asset and measurable by immaterial and material values.

Continuous compliance is achieved by an assiduous effort and will establish the real values of an up-to-date permit.
Is your environmental strategy still up-to-date?

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